101-year-old recovering from COVID showered with birthday wishes

When an elderly woman arrived at an East Texas nursing facility, she told everyone to call her “Aunt Sue” and staffers took her to heart.

When she turned 101 Friday, a speech pathologist named Lynda Gale tweeted out a birthday announcement and asked others to celebrate Sue’s big day.

When Sue came to our facility, she told everyone to call her “Aunt Sue” because “everybody does,” Gayle wrote.

“She’s recovering from Covid (although not out of the woods yet) and today is her birthday. She’s 101 and beat me at dominoes. Any chance I could get some birthday wishes for her?”

Gayle said she never expected the flood of love — including from celebrities like Nancy Sinatra and Patricia Arquette — for Aunt Sue in the form of tweeted birthday wishes.

“When I asked Aunt Sue & her family if I could post her photo so others could wish her Happy Birthday, I was hoping for maybe 100 of my usual followers,” Gayle wrote. “I can’t thank all of you enough as this is going to make her feel so very special! I’ll be sharing with her later today.”

Lynda Gale's tweet celebrating"'Aunt Sue."
When Sue came to our facility, she told everyone to call her “Aunt Sue” because “everybody does,” Gayle wrote.

Many gave Aunt Sue thumbs up for both her stamina and good looks. “Happy 101 birthday beautiful lady!” tweeted someone named Rala. “My prayers are with you. You sound like a survivor? Good going on beating Lynda at dominoes!”

’ll definitely show her your compliments! She’s going to enjoy all the wishes and thank you for making this birthday special for her! *she’s been so bored with the facility Covid restrictions, ” Gayle wrote.

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