Clues in the murder of Kevin Harris

Clues in the murder of Kevin Harris

Investigators took another look at the aspiring rapper whom they say Kevin Harris was supposed to meet the night that he died.  That aspiring rapper was Desmond Carter, seen here.

 Det. Skaggs told “48 Hours Suspicion”, Kevin “had made plans – with one of the individuals who’s definitely a suspect in this case – to meet him at the studio at 8:00 p.m.. As far as I know, that individual was the only other person that knew that Kevin was gonna be at the studio at 8:00 p.m.”

 Investigators believe that that Sunday night trip to the studio was a trap. In 2017, Carter was arrested for the murder of Kevin Harris.  He was questioned, but never charged with anything.  Authorities say the evidence they had did not cross the threshold of reasonable doubt. 

 “48 Hours Suspicion” reached out to Carter. He did not want to go on camera or comment directly. However, through a friend, he said he had nothing to do with Kevin’s death, and that he thought of Kevin as one of his best friends.

Still, according to investigators, Desmond Carter remains a suspect. 

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