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Google Guest Mode launched for smart home devices

On the 13th of January, 2021, Google announced the launch of Guest Mode. They’ve revealed this feature as “another easy way to control your privacy on smart speakers and Smart Displays.” That includes Google Nest and Google Home speakers as well as a number of Google-embedded Smart Displays. This system was launched in English, first, and will likely spread to other devices and languages in the near future.

While Guest Mode is on, audio recordings and Google Assistant activity is all automatically deleted after actions are complete. Google Assistant won’t say or show personal results that’d normally be available to an activated account.

At the same time, Guest Mode continues to save activity related to Google services like Maps or YouTube. This activity wont necessarily be attached to any one specific account, but it may be saved by Google nonetheless. Media or smart home services that a Guest Mode user uses may be saved by Google (while in Guest Mode).

Available while Guests Mode is on: Photo frame photos set up with a Smart Display, household contacts, announcements from features like Family Bell and Broadcast, play media, control smart home, get local info, and most actions in routines.

If you’d like to know more about Guest Mode directly from your Google Assistant, just say “Hey Google, tell me about Guest Mode.” You can also check whether Guest Mode is on by saying “Is Guest Mode on?” Guest Mode can be activated on your smart device at home by saying “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode.” Said Guest Mode can be turned off just as easily by saying “Hey Google, turn off Guest Mode.”

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