Joe Exotic Launching Underwear Fashion Line With His Face on Crotch

Joe Exotic Launching Underwear Fashion Line With His Face on Crotch

Joe Exotic
My Face On Your Crotch
New Underwear Line is Fly!!!

9/1/2020 12:50 AM PT

Joe Exotic is launching an underwear collection from behind bars … and the ‘Tiger King’ has his mug plastered across the fly!!!

The boxer briefs are part of Joe’s “REVENGE” collection with streetwear brand Odaingerous … and this fashion drop is pretty damn bold.

As you can see, there are some fun options … one’s got Joe’s face on the crotch of some leopard print, another’s a bright orange tiger print and there’s also a mix of tiger print and baby blue, not to mention red tiger print. Pretty much what you would expect from Joe the fashionista.

Hawking outrageous underwear is kinda Joe’s thing … back in 2013, long before his Netflix fame, he started selling ‘Tiger King’ undies … but they didn’t have his face on them.

If Joe’s previous “REVENGE” capsules are an indication, these boxer briefs are gonna sell like hotcakes … remember, his soft launch in May sold out in a matter of hours and raked in over $20,000 in online sales.

Odaingerous says the boxer briefs are 100% cotton to keep “your unmentionables fashionably stylish and secure.”

Consider this a very hard launch, with a very significant date … the boxer briefs go on sale Sept. 7 — the 2-year anniversary of Joe’s arrest.

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