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Katy Perry joins Pokemon 25 celebration

Believe it or not, Pokemon celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The first Pokemon games – Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green – were released in Japan on February 27th, 1996, though they wouldn’t make their way to the US and Europe for more than two years after that. The Pokemon Company tends to enjoy celebrating big anniversaries like this, so it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it has some festivities lined up for Pokemon‘s 25th.

Details about what the coming year will involve are a little light at the moment, but The Pokemon Company has confirmed that this will be a year-long celebration of Pokemon‘s history. We’ll see new collections for the Pokemon TCG, new items available through the Pokemon Center shop, and apparently The Pokemon Company’s plans include a music celebration called “P25 Music” that will be headlined by Katy Perry.

We’re not entirely sure what P25 Music will entail, but having a name like Katy Perry onboard is indeed a big deal. The Pokemon Company has confirmed that it’s partnering with Universal Music Group for P25 Music, so we can probably expect more Universal artists to sign onto the project in the future. More details about P25 Music will be revealed as time goes on, The Pokemon Company said.

The Pokemon Company also indicated that this celebration will take us on “a journey through the Pokemon world” by revisiting the regions that Pokemon games have been set in. We’ll be starting with the most recent region – the Galar region from Pokemon Sword and Shield – in March and working our way back to the Kanto region from Red and Blue, but again, details on just what this will involve weren’t available today.

The Pokemon Company did, however, release a rather charming video that serves as a something of a Pokemon retrospective, and you can see that embedded above. We’ll let you know when The Pokemon Company reveals more about Pokemon‘s 25th anniversary event, so stay tuned for that.

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