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Letters to the editor — Jan. 11, 2021

Last Wednesday’s assault on the US Capitol as Congress was ratifying the election results.

Let’s not pretend the outrage expressed over the attack on the US Capitol is anything other than the same old nonsense (“OKing Anarchy,” PostOpinion, Andy Ngo, Jan. 9).

The Democrats are simply seizing the moment for political gain.

There’s nothing quite so gratifying as expressing outrage whenever someone of a differing political ethos says or does something stupid or offensive. This spirited flogging is rarely actual outrage in the true sense. It’s really just gleeful grandstanding. Sanctimonious chiding is what politics is about.

Though appearing to be outraged over the reprehensible acts committed by their political counterparts, Democrats couldn’t be more ecstatic to skewer their opponents.

Scott Thompson

Bloomington, Ind.

When President-elect Joe Biden claimed there would’ve been a different reaction had the charge on the Capitol been led by Black Lives Matter or Antifa groups he was absolutely correct.

Had that been the case there would’ve been no attempt to hold the barricades, no guns would have been drawn, there would have been no attempt to deny access, no attempt to identify and arrest participants. And the press would call it just one more peaceful protest.

Marty Perry


Biden won the election as a moderate Democrat. He has the largest base and won the Electoral College because of it. Trump’s people allowed him to believe he was winning with his fringe far-right followers.

Trump alienated more than half the country and all people of color in America.

Republicans have now shown what they truly have become: radicals willing to follow a zealot whatever the cost to the American people.


Los Angeles, Calif.

Violence is not excusable whether from the left or right. It is especially bad when violence is encouraged by our elected leaders. Biden condemned the rioters when he ran for president.

Anybody on the left who supported the violence must be condemned and dealt with. The protest marches resulted from apparent police misconduct that was swept under the rug. Unfortunately a small group of individuals com­mitted violence.

They must be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Alan Podhaizer


After the debacle that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6, many have been denounced for being active participants in the insurrection.

Trump was assuredly the chief instigator and should be held accountable for his actions.

Other players in the scheme will face punishment in the near future — perhaps bringing an end to many political careers.

The names of the actors surely facing retribution should not only be congressional representatives but also individuals in Trump’s inner circle.

Raymund Bejnart


Can someone explain to me how it is that a march on the Capitol is an attack on democracy and an act of sedition, whereas a 100-day attack on a federal courthouse with firebombs is a protected form of protest?

Robert Mangi


The election riots at the Capitol have poignantly awakened us to what has been happening for the last year to our fellow Americans in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Kenosha, New York and other places. Now we begin to know how the victims feel.

Thank you for breaking this illusion that nothing was happening at these protests up to now.

Things were happening: The protests were dividing us. This is not to mention all the fires, looting and vandalism. The local governments came to a standstill and businesses were ruined. The damage at the Capitol was more symbolic.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction, Colo.

This is not a “victory” for Democrats — it is an attack on our country and yet another example of how dangerous President Trump is.

Vicki Torres

Los Angeles, Calif.

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