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Letters to the editor — Jan. 8, 2021

The Issue: Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol during the certification of the electoral votes.

Wednesday afternoon in Washington, DC, the scene devolved rapidly into chaos created by armed protesters — arguably, protesters who were really domestic terrorists, aiming to breech the Capitol building of the United States and foment revolution (“Capitol Invasion,” Jan. 7).T

The mob was seemingly unhinged, without direction from any one leader — but seemingly with the blessing, or at least not the condemnation, of President Trump. The president empowered and unleashed this, and it is beyond reprehensible. His actions are despicable.

The real beneficiary is not Donald Trump, for whom this is a legacy-destroying event. The beneficiaries are every autocratic ruler who hates and fears our democracy. This chaos benefits them.

Ken Derow

Swarthmore, Pa.

It was disheartening to watch the protesters take over the halls of Congress.

We have a strong Constitution. Sometimes your guy wins, sometimes my guy wins. So be it. We are a nation of laws.

I notified a very well-educated family member to turn on the news. I explained what was occurring in DC. His response was: “But Antifa protesters were given a free pass.” They didn’t take over the Capitol. I might add two wrongs don’t make a right.

Susan Carlucci


I voted for Trump and refuse to regret it. I think Big Media and Big Tech cheated during the campaign, and I think Democrats were just a little more clever at putting their fingers on the scale than Republicans.

But I will never, ever forgive Trump for repeatedly requesting a coup d’état in every way imaginable.

Jorge Sierra

The Bronx

What we have experienced in Washington is a result of a man who cannot take defeat. These so-called supporters were more like animals on a rampage to overturn our system of government.

Storming government buildings, breaking windows, breaking into some offices and injuring some police are so far from being peaceful. It’s abominable.

This was one of the worst embarrassments for our country ever.

Sam King


There can be no defense for those who broke into the Capitol building. Absolutely none.

However, after four years of “resistance,” boycotting the inauguration and State of the Union addresses, the constant denigration of all those who supported Trump and the vocal support by Democrats for looting and rioting and assaults on other federal buildings, Democrats should not be surprised that a small fraction of those rallying against alleged voter fraud broke with norms and our values by attacking the Capitol.

Again, there is no excuse for what was done. Just please do not forget four years of provocations and abuse of half of American voters.

Samuel Mark

West Hempstead

Trump’s efforts to undermine our democracy after losing the election to Biden — creating chaos, motivating his supporters to storm the Capitol (causing the death of a supporter) and destroying the presidential transition process — should have ramifications.

I suggest that the Congress retaliate by denying Trump the perks former presidents are entitled to after they leave office. We should not be funding with taxpayer dollars a former president who wants his successor to fail.

Paul Feiner


In the last six months, the country has experienced the violence of extremists on both sides, capped off by Wednesday’s riots in the Capitol building.

What we have seen is not supposed to happen in this country. The United States has become a laughingstock.

The overwhelming majority of Americans do not adhere to or condone these types of actions. It is time for those Americans to step up and drown out these agitators.

Peter W. Kelly

Hazlet, NJ

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