Siberian tiger ‘attacks’ snowman at Finland zoo

Frosty was no match for the King of the Jungle.

Wild photos show the moment a tiger mauled a snowman to nothing but a pathetic pile of powder at a zoo in Finland.

“Animal attacks on snowmen have continued in Korkeasaari,” the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helinksi wrote in a playful Facebook post Wednesday. “For safety reasons, we recommend that snowmen do not hide pieces of meat, blood or animal hair in their pockets.”

The snowman appears to be wearing a wig before the male Siberian tiger pounces — chopping its head in half with his grrr-eat big paw.

“Amur tiger, a beautiful but ferocious beast,” one user posted.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the zoo had actually stuffed meat or another kind of reward inside the snowman, but it’s generally considered good for tigers in captivity to work for their food.

The zoo is home to 150 animal species and almost 1,000 plants. In 2016, Siberian tiger triplets were born there.

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