The Republicans who may support Trump’s impeachment

Lisa Murkowski

Alaska Senator (R)

In her own words:

“I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” she told the Anchorage Daily News.


Murkowski has broken with Trump and the GOP before, most recently when she initially opposed confirming a replacement to the Supreme Court after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died less than two months before the presidential election. Murkowski ultimately voted to confirm Trump’s pick, Amy Coney Barrett, to the Supreme Court.

Ben Sasse

Nebraska Senator (R)

In his own words:

“The House, if they come together and have a process, I will definitely consider whatever articles they might move,” Sasse told “CBS This Morning.”


The Nebraska Republican is a frequent critic of the president and Republicans who stick too closely with Trump. He sent a 2,200-word critique of his Republican colleagues after Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) declared that he would back Trump’s bid to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Pat Toomey

Pennsylvania Senator (R)

In his own words:

“I do think the president committed impeachable offenses,” Toomey told Fox News’ “The Journal Editorial Report.” “I’m not sure it’s desirable to attempt to force him out, what, a day or two or three prior to the day on which he’s going to be finished anyway … so I’m not clear that’s the best path forward.”


This isn’t the first time Toomey has challenged the president or Republicans. He condemned the GOP-led effort to undermine the Electoral College certification of Biden’s win, and criticized Trump for issuing pardons, which he called “a misuse of the power” of pardons. But he has recently intensified his rhetoric, saying Trump has “descended into a level of madness” since his Nov. 3 election loss.

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