Young Jenna — AKA Christa B. Allen — From “13 Going On 30” Recreated Her Iconic Look, And She Really Is Thriving

Young Jenna — AKA Christa B. Allen — From “13 Going On 30” Recreated Her Iconic Look, And She Really Is Thriving

She’s (almost) 30 and flirty and thriving.

One of the more delightful things I discovered during quarantine is that Christa B. Allen, who played Young Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30, has an excellent TikTok account where she regularly makes content about the movie.

Columbia PIctures

So about a month ago, when Christa fully recreated Young Jenna’s iconic birthday look, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia.


a little outfit recreation for the 13 going on 30 lovers 🥰

♬ Crazy for You – Madonna

And so was everyone else — the TikTok has 9.9 million views and rising!

Let’s break it down. For starters, “Crazy For You” by Madonna? Check! The white lace leggings and green flats? Check and check!

Universal Pictures, TikTok/Christa Allen

Scrunchie? You bet!

TikTok/Christa Allen

Makeup and star-shaped earrings? Yep!

Blue off-the-should top with a white belt? Check!

Columbia Pictures, TikTok/Christa ALlen

She absolutely, 100% nailed it!

TikTok/Christa Allen

And, now that the original video has gone mega viral, Christa just followed up with a brand new video showing us all how we can go as Young Jenna for Halloween this year!


so are we all dressing as Jenna for Halloween or what 🤓

♬ I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Deborah Cox

Thank you for both making my day and for making my Halloween plans this year, Christa!

Jen Abidor

No joke, this is me dressed as 30-year-old Jenna last year, and I’m seriously considering going as Young Jenna now to complete the cycle.

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